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Bananza Manufacturer Rep of Direct-Fired Air Handlers.

Bananza Direct-fired air handlers heat air directly by passing it over an open flame burner within a cabinet. As outside air enters the heater inlet, the colder air absorbs the warmer air as it travels across the heat source. Warm air is delivered into the space with the assistance of a large blower housed within the cabinet, located opposite the burner section.Direct-fired air handlers are an efficient piece of equipment to deliver fresh, clean air into a manufacturing space or paint booth area. They require minimal ductwork and can be installed indoors or outdoors, horizontally or vertically. Air can be filtered before entering the space and in warmer weather burners can be turned off to provide free ventilation cooling.

Deliver 100% combustion efficiency with assistance of 30:1 modulating burner. Heavy-duty, robust frame, fully weatherized for long unit life, fused rotary disconnect forces safe power shut-off before new replacement parts are installed or annual maintenance and service occurs, high temperature limit switch located on the blower.

High-exhaust/infiltration industrial applications, paint booths, distribution centers, warehouses, factories, commercial kitchens, fitness centers/gyms, enclosed stadiums, auditoriums, large retail stores, car dealerships, airport terminals, and laboratories.

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