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Manufacturer of Waste Oil Heaters and Waste Oil Boilers.

Energy Logic waste oil heaters and boilers are an efficient and cost-effective option versus traditional heaters. Our waste oil heaters produce double the heat-rise of any other waste oil furnace on the market. heaters. Energy Logic a wide variety of accessories and offers custom configurations, DIY installation and easy, convenient monitoring of our equipment. Optional wall brackets free up space in your facility and are strong enough to support the weight of a waste oil furnace. Our Low-Fuel Cut-off Switch is designed to stop the operation of your waste oil heater anytime unwanted air or contaminants threaten to enter the fuel system. Additionally, Energy Logic’s used oil furnaces and boilers burn more types of fuels than any other brand ranging from oils between 5 and 90 weight, and even includes synthetics! Our patented technology maximizes the output and the efficiency of the waste oil being burned, and the high heat rise helps burn away impurities and produces less ash so that there’s less to clean and a longer time between maintenance intervals.

Entek Systems stocks a wide array or parts and accessories for the Energy Logic line as well as keeping a selection of waste oil heaters in stock. We can help determine the best location for heaters based of each application and discuss some of the basics of installation of the equipment.

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