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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to do to replace a Suburban Dynaline with an Islandaire EZ GS?

Replacing your existing gas fired PTAC is a simple as removing the old chassis, sliding in the new unit and hooking up the gas connection. If you have an adjoining room duct kit, we offer a transition plenum that allows the user to keep their existing duct.

Will your 26” unit fit my 27” wall sleeve?

Our 26” unit was designed to replace both 26” and 27” PTAC units and air conditioners. An exact replacement for 26” wall openings, we offer a frame kit to adapt to 27” wall sleeves. Made from 18 gauge metal, this frame kit secures to the cabinet front of the unit to create 1 solid piece.

I have an old/odd size/outdated PTAC or through the wall unit, can you replace it?

Islandaire offers over 30 different styles of replacement PTAC’s. With dimensions ranging from 26” x 16” to 27 3/8” x 54 ½”, including several 42’ x 16” options, we have a replacement unit for almost any existing wall opening. Contact us with you current model number and we will match you up to the appropriate Islandaire replacement.

Can I contact you for parts for my Roberts Gordon radiant system?

Absolutely! We stock a wide array of parts for all sorts of different models of Roberts Gordon radiant tube heaters. If you need a filter, gas valve, ignition module, replacement tubing, reflectors, or anything else associated with your system please reach out to us!

How long will my gas detector operate before the sensor should be replaced

Brasch electro-chemical gas detectors use carbon monoxide sensors with a nominal lifetime of five years.  The nitrogen dioxide sensors have a stated nominal lifetime of two years.  Many detectors operate properly for periods exceeding their published lifetimes. In the final analysis, the lifetimes of the sensors depend heavily upon the amount of exhaust gas to which the sensors are exposed. A sensor could be damaged beyond use in a matter of hours if continuously exposed to undiluted exhaust gasses.

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