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Manufacturer of Vehicle Fume Exhaust Extraction Systems

Manufactures vehicle fume exhaust extraction for cars, trucks, buses, and military applications. Exhaust emissions from a cold-start engine can reach toxic levels within a closed building. Even though the vehicles are run only a short time indoors and with open doors, the odorless carbon monoxide (vehicle exhaust) builds up in the building. Without control and removal of the vehicle exhaust fumes they can lead to worker illness, heavier facility maintenance and damage to the sensitive electronics of diagnostic and servicing equipment in the workshop. The most effective method of capturing and removing of vehicle exhaust fumes is capture at source. Capturing the vehicle exhaust gases provides a safer and more pleasant working environment.

Entek Systems keep replacement nozzles and some hoses in stock. We can help assist in selecting the correct equipment for your specific project and help with layouts as well.

Vehicle Repair Shops, Bus Garages, Military Applications, Large Construction Equipment

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