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Entek has an extensive background with Roberts Gordon Radiant Tube Heaters.

We are a long-time manufacturer’s representative for Roberts Gordon. Our territory includes all of New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and the Hudson Valley of New York.

We can:

  • Assist in troubleshooting
  • Work with contractors and end users to ensure proper product placement
  • Work with engineers on project layouts
  • Provide CAD drawings of design layouts for the Roberts Gordon line radiant equipment
  • Provide replacement parts and equipment for new installation and retrofits.

We proudly offer the following three product lines:


Economical Unitary Radiant Tube Heaters


Durable, Cost Effective. Single Stage or Dual Fire


Advanced Unitary Radiant Tube Heaters


Highest quality burner boxes. Single Stage, Twin-Fire, Harsh Environment, Negative Pressure, and Modulating Heater options available.


Our most advanced radiant system


Flexible layout through burner-in-series design. Available with Modulating Heating Controls for maximum system efficiencies.

Low Intensity Infrared heats similar to the sun heating the earth, gently warming people and objects with radiant energy. It provides quiet, draft free heating using radiant energy to heat without the need for large warm air fans to move heat around the building. Infrared energy is absorbed by objects and then released back into the space through convection, allowing for a rapid heat recovery.  Infrared tube heaters are easy to install indoors or outdoors, operate efficiently, and are extremely durable and long lasting. Building thermostat temperatures can be set lower due to equivalent perceived comfort at lower air temperatures. Radiant tube heaters can reduce energy bills up to 50% compared to alternative heating systems.

In the late 1950’s, Roberts-Gordon pioneered the concept of gas-fired infrared radiant tube heating which simulates the direct rays of the sun. This principle results in substantial fuel savings. Roberts Gordon introduced the first commercially produced gas-fired, low-intensity infrared product: Co Ray Vac. They were also the first company to patent a fully modulating infrared system. The UltraVac system was a control that allowed building owners to modulate burner input rate with outdoor air temperature in order to match the heating system’s input to the building’s heating requirement.

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