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Manufacturer of small destratification fans.

ZOO Fans offer destratification fans designed to improve comfort in the ZOO — Zone of Occupancy — at floor level where most people live and work. Our destratification fans lower operating costs in spaces with high ceilings and in spaces with drop ceilings.  In addition, our fans are used as spot coolers, to disperse humidity, to eliminate condensation on refrigerated equipment, and to reduce or eliminate sweating on concrete slabs.In new construction, our destratification fans pay for themselves several times over by significantly reducing the amount of ducting required to distribute HVAC. ZOO Fans can help a facility reduce its carbon footprint, and can help to earn LEED credits. Additionally, ZOO Fans are tested to rigorous industry standards in an AMCA-certified lab.

ZOO Fans are designed to solve problems in existing buildings by :

1.Eliminating hot and cold spots

2.Improving HVAC efficiency by improving air circulation.

We stock several different models of ZOO Fan equipment. Working with ZOO Fans, we can help assist in design layouts and selecting the proper capacity fans.

Big Box, Retail, Grocery Stores, Garages, Warehouses and Distribution Centers, Manufacturing, Travel Terminals, Gyms & Fitness

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